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Section 20  Glossary of Terms


A person who shares his or her experience and knowledge with another individual.  This effort usually provides a mutual advantage to both persons. The best mentors are a combination coach, confidant, sounding board and counselor. 


Team process (often called functioning) refers to the methods and strategies a team uses to interact, communicate, solve problems, and make decisions. 


The ability to determine such issues as; which of several actions is the best to take in the immediate situation and what is the best response to a problem. They can also forecast which resources are needed for the present and future success and which of several options is available. 


 A team is a group of individuals who work interactively to achieve specific goals or tasks in an organization. 

Team Building

Usually an intense intervention to correct a problem or deficit that is interfering with team performance. This process often targets communication and relationship problems. Team building can be part of team development. Team building is not an event but an ongoing process. 

Team Development:  

Team development is a long-term process that targets continuous improvement of team performance. It can become part of the day to day operation of a team. Team development focuses on building team strengths and improving performance. 

Team Task

A team task refers to the specific job the team is trying to accomplish. The task can be as simple as generating a list of supplies, or as complex as developing a prototype for a new patient care activity. 


Teamwork is a condition that comes and goes. Sometimes it exists only for the time it takes a group of individuals to perform a task. Other times it exists to accomplish a long-range mission. Teamwork can exist in many kinds of groups such as management groups; work groups, special purpose groups, and networks.