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Our Mission and Philosophy

    Homestead Schools, Inc.formed in 1991 is an organization dedicated to meeting the educational needs of professionals from various disciplines, students and consumers. We believe that in this fast-moving age of information technology education is a life-long process, and that an individual regardless of his educational, professional, business or societal background must keep himself fully informed of the developments, breakthroughs and other sweeping changes taking place in his or her field of endeavor. The need for this constant education has become even more acute in the last few years with the explosion of information that the Internet has brought to us. Woe to the person who ignores this momentous revolution in knowledge, skills, technology and communication.
Successful students are active learners who bring unique gender, cultural, and ethnic life experiences to the healthcare profession. Students at all levels learn relevant theory, acquire practice skills, and are socialized into their respective professions. Increasing levels of complexity and sophistication of learning and assimilation and application of learned concepts are expected of students in various programs.

      Homestead Schools has succeeded in serving the educational needs of multidisciplinary groups, populations with special needs and public at large by undertaking a continual process of identifying target markets, assessing their needs and developing resources that would accomplish their unique educational objectives. Toward this end, the organization is committed to employing the latest technology, research data and published scientific studies in formulating the learning programs for the targeted group. These goals will facilitate the promotion and improvement of standards of client care and practice through the professional development of various healthcare providers. These goals are reviewed and revised on an annual basis. Director of continuing education is responsible to formulate, review and revise these goals on an ongoing basis. Toward achieving this objective, the organization is dedicated to developing and making available to various professionals the necessary educational resources and tools that will:

1.Facilitate lifelong learning by updating, enhancing, or assessing technical knowledge and skills that will meet healthcare needs of the public and the needs of the profession;

2.Implement an individual learning plan;

3.Provide a forum for an exchange of ideas and discussion on controversial issues facing the profession;

4.Relate to the conceptual framework of the particular profession; and

5.Provide learning outcomes that apply to their individual practice.

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