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Team Building

Learning Objectives

1.  Discuss the need for teams in the workplace.

2.  Explore the early implementation phase for team building.

3.  Describe the four stages of growth that teams go through.

4.  List the common themes that are dominant in teams.

5.  Explore the seven teamwork practices.

6.  Discuss the multiple changes in the change process.

7.  Describe the role of a change agent.

8.  Explore the difference between groups and teams.

9.  List behaviors that influence team effectiveness.

10.  Explore resistance to team building.

11.  List the potential team problems.

12.  Discuss the ground rules for teams.

13.  Describe the empowerment concept for team members.

14.  Define empowerment myths in team building.

15.  Discuss the five key components for self-managed teams.

16.  Identify success ingredients that will facilitate self-managed teams.

17.  Explore utilizing self-managed teams as a total quality management tool.

18.  Discuss the characteristics of effective and ineffective teams. 

19.  Identify five myths related to conflict.

20.  List the 10 tips for managerís to resolve conflict

21.  Discuss team roles and responsibilities.

22.  Discuss how to make decisions with in the team.

23.  Explore 5 myths of creativity.

24.  Examine guidelines to help build team spirit.

25.  Discuss strategies in dealing with difficult team members.

26.  Identify difficult team members.

27.  List the requirements for success in team building.

28.  Discuss the managerís role in building collaborative teams.

29.  Identify strategies to reduce stress in team building.