Evaluation of Learning Objectives

Child Abuse and Culture

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To assess the effectiveness of the course material, we ask that you evaluate your achievement of each learning objective on a scale of A to D (A=excellent, B=good, C=fair, D=unsatisfactory). Please indicate your responses next to each learning objective and submit it as part of the course assignment.

1. Define “child maltreatment.” A B C D
2. Discuss neglect issues that low-income immigrants may face. A B C D
3. Define child abuse and how it varies in different state statutes. A B C D
4. Describe briefly some unfamiliar disciplinary methods and medical interventions. A B C D
5. Describe briefly the four options for conducting interviews with children whose native language is not English. A B C D
6. State the most important attribute for an interviewer in a cross-cultural encounter. A B C D
7. List four different kinds of parenting behavior that are effective against corporal punishment (Howard). A B C D
8. State why should children never interpret for other children. A B C D
9. Describe the two programs: culturally open and culture specific. A B C D
10. Describe monocultural organizations, nondiscriminatory organizations and multicultural organizations. A B C D