How to Obtain Continuing Education Credit


Please follow the steps below to obtain the necessary contact hours of home-study continuing-education credit:

  1. Read course objectives.

  2. Study the course text. Text is broken into several chapters and you should be able to go back and forth among these chapters.

    Note: If you prefer, you can print various chapters of the course, read the course off-line, and then return to take the post-test on-line. To print the course, click on the Text, click on the center frame, then click file/print/ok. Repeat this process for each section listed under Contents. Please be advised that the Text section is large, anywhere from 100 to several hundred pages depending upon the course.

  3. Take the post-test or final examination.

    True/false questions Use A for true answers, B for false answers. Disregard C, D and E.

    Multiple-choice questions Choose the letter of the correct answer.

    You’ll need 70% correct score on the post-test for the successful completion of the course. The date of completion on your certificate is the date you completed the examination. This course must be completed within 12 months of the date of purchase.

    Hint: Print the post-test first. Mark your answers on paper as you read the text. Then at the end enter your answers in the computer and SUBMIT. Your answers will be graded and you'll see your score.

  4. Retain a copy of your Self-Study Examination Results.

  5. You'll receive your Certificate of completion within 5 working days.

    Note: As a special service, we'll process your Certificate of Completion within 24 hours (excepting holidays and weekends) for a fee of $15 instead of 5 working days. Call us at (800) 253-0088 and provide us with your credit card information (Visa/MC/AMEX/DISC credit card no. and expiration date), type of license, license number and expiration date. Then we'll fax you the Certificate of Completion within 24 hours and mail you the original.

  6. If you are taking a test only course online, please take note of the following:

  7. Course Evaluation. We'd like you to complete the course evaluation as it allows us to improve our offerings. We value your comments.

  8. Evaluation of Individual Objectives. We'd like you to grade your achievement of individual learning objectives on a scale of A to D, A being the best

  9. If you have any question please contact us at using the Contact Us link.

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Last Revised: January 10, 2008