Table of Contents

1. A Look at Trauma: Simple and Complex
2. Before Doing the Work: Safety, Security, and Intention
3. Identifying and Writing about What Has Happened to You
4. Helping Yourself When You Reexperience a Trauma
5. Coping with Trauma with Less Avoidance and Denial
6. The Physical Side of PTSD
7. Dealing with Associated Symptoms of PTSD: Guilt, Survivor Guilt, Shame and Loss
8. Difficulty Regulating Emotion (Complex PTSD, Category 1)
9. Alterations in Attention or Consciousness: Dealing with Dissociation and Traumatic Amnesia (Complex PTSD, Category 2)
10. Somatization: How Trauma Impacts Your Body (Complex PTSD, Category 3)
11. How Trauma Impacts the Way You View Yourself (Complex PTSD, Category 4)
12. Dealing with Your Perpetrators (Complex PTSD, Category 5)
13. Alterations in Your Relationships with Others (Complex PTSD, Category 6)
14. Finding Meaning (Complex PTSD, Category 7)
15. Final Thoughts and Exercises