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Part I Patient's Guide

Chapter 1 - Depressive Illnesses

  Depression Is An Illness
  Recognizing Serious Depression
  Clinical Evaluation
  Causes of Depression
  Genetic Factors
  Biochemical Factors
  Environment and Other Factors
  Drug Therapy
  Psychosocial Therapy
  Electroconvulsive Therapy
  Treatment Choice
  Mild Episodes
  Moderate Depressions
  Severe Depressions
  Chronic Depressions
  Childhood Depressions
  Adolescent Depressions
  Depression Among The Aged
  Helping The Depressed Persons
  Where To Receive Treatment

Chapter 2. Depression In Women

  A Picture of Depression
  What is Depression?
  Types of Depressive Illness
  Symptoms of Depression and Mania
  Causes of Depression
  The Many Dimensions Of Depression In Women
  Women At Risk
  Developmental Roles
  Reproductive Life Cycle
  Specific Cultural Considerations
  Depression Is A Treatable Illness
  Helping Resources
  Helping Yourself
  Helping The Depressed Person

Chapter 3. Depression Is A Treatable Illness: A Patient's Guide

  People Who Treat Depression
  Symptoms of Depression
  Another Form of Depression
  Preparing For Your First Visit
  Severe? Moderate? Mild?
  Treating Depression
  Types of Treatment
  How Treatment Works
  Choosing a Treatment
  About Hospitalization
  If You Have Concerns About Your Treatment. . .
  Antidepressant Medicines
  My Questions About Medicine
  Feeling Better
  Types of Psychotherapy
  Choosing Psychotherapy
  Electroconvulsive Therapy
  Light Therapy
  Taking Care of Yourself
  Talking to Others About Depression
  Your Family and Friends
  Your Children
  Weekly Activity Record

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