Stress Management $53.95   

30 Contact Hours

By Wendy Ruth Striver, RN, BSN, MA

Learning Objectives:

Learn to understand and manage stress.

Help your patents cope with stress and achieve wellness.

Table of Contents

  • Distress, Stress and Wellness
  • Stress-Related Symptoms and Disorders
  • Type A Behavior and Hostility
  • Your Coping Response, Relaxation Methods
  • Managing Job Stress and Preventing Burnout
  • Health Buffers: Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep


"I have experienced so many of these situations; it was a revelation to see them verified in print."

"I thought the course was very easy to follow and informative, and I did not get bored reading it."

"Comprehensive, informative, good presentation."

"Useful tools and experiences that can be used at work and at home. I especially valued the breathing and imagery techniques. I will recommend to co-workers and patients."

"I learned that I had more free floating hostility than I realized and better how to deal with that and other stresses in my life."

"This course was very helpful to me personally."