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The Internet For The Health Professional      $59.95      30 Contact Hours
By Chris Rusch

Here’s your road map to the Information Superhighway. What’s the Internet and how can it help you as a medical professional? Learn all about Usenet, e-mail, World Wide Web. Send messages and retrieve important information on the Internet. Learn all about the Internet. Resource guide of important Usenet and WWW sites important to a nurse. Internet is an ever-growing revolutionary medium and by mastering it now you will enhance your position in your organization. This may be your gateway to professional advancement.


¨ Excellent background and history - good addition to my present knowledge. Right on time."

Y.H., Albuquerque, NM

¨ The course is very helpful and I will keep the text handy for the valuable information inside."

L.R., Valrico, FL

¨ I am experienced on the internet about 5 years. I still learned a few things. Good job."

M.K., Turlock, CA

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