Team Building for Nurses

by Kathy Falkenhagen, RN, BSN, MS 

  1. Need for teams Group vs. team. 

  2. Resistance to team building. 

  3. Ground rules for teams. 

  4. Five key components of self-managed teams. 

  5. Teams as a total quality management tool. 

  6. Characteristics of effective and ineffective teams.

  7. Strategies to resolve team conflict. 

  8. Team roles and responsibilities. 

  9. Team decision making. 

  10. Building team spirit. 

  11. Difficult team members. 

  12. Managerís role in successful team building.



"A very good course and it will be useful in my position to help improve the team-work in our facility." - S.R.M., NHA, CA

"Excellent learning tool!" - E.M.H., LCSW, AL


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