Learning Objectives

1. Describe the working of the immune system.
2. Identify various factors that impact the immune system.
3. Explain how the diet and the stress can affect the immune system.
4. Outline various measures one can take to boost the immune system.
5. Describe how vitamins, amino acids, minerals, herbs, and other supplements can strengthen the immune system.

Course Contents

1. How the Immune System Works
2. Factors Impacting the Immune System
3. The American Diet: A Nutritional Overview
4. Nutritional Impact on the Nervous System
5. Protective Foods Against Environmental Pollutants
6. How Does Stress Impact the Immune System?
7. Immune System Malfunction and Diagnostic Tests
8. Allergies
9. Restoring Health, Boosting Immunity and Energy
10. Amino Acids
11. Vitamin Supplementation
12. Minerals
13. Herbs
14. New Approach to Weight Management
15. Diet Therapies
16. Psychoneuro-immunology
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