Managing Difficult Patients

This course describes in first-person accounts true-to-life situations you encounter daily in your job. The characters in each story are instantly recognizable: patients who are uncooperative, lash out in  anger or fear, withdraw into depression, or behave manipulatively. You will learn how to win them over with the ingenious techniques discovered by your colleagues.

Table of Contents:

Clinically Challenging Patients
Noncommunicative Patients Emotionally Demanding Patients with Problem Families
Patients with an Altered Self-Image

"I really like this method of case study. Each one taught me something new."

"This was an interesting as well as enjoyable course. It is one I will reread many times. Thanks!"

"This is the only course that I have spent close to the amount of hours of credit on, and it was well worth it."

"The realistic approach and actual case scenario is an excellent tool to use in a clinical setting."

"I enjoyed reading the text and learning from real stories and lives."

"The stories were fascinating. I found many of the experiences mirroring my own in my work setting in Out-Patient surgery ."